Picture this: you're squished in a sweltering, dark box, blasted with bleach and soap on a regular basis. Doesn't sound too comfy, right? And yet there are millions of living organisms that thrive in this habitat.

Scrubbing your dishes with detergents and zapping them with heat doesn't mean your dishwasher is squeaky clean. In fact, the longer you ignore cleaning your dishwasher, the more microbes will permanently settle behind that closed door.

So, why Dishwashers?

Contrary to popular belief, dishwashers are not self-cleaning, microbe-free machines.

These machines are actually mini ecosystems, bustling with life from tap water, plumbing systems, leftover food, and your not-so-clean dishes. The usual suspects include characters like Acinetobacter, Pseudomonas, E. coli, and Candida. These critters love to hang out in the rubber seals, forming slimy biofilms.

This sticky film helps microbes adhere to surfaces while protecting them from extreme external conditions. Additionally, some microbes can metabolize plastics, surfactants, and cleaning agents, using them as a food source.

Should you be worried?

We're constantly hanging out with microbes, and so far, no one's caught anything scary from a dishwasher. Like any microbiological story, it depends on the quantity of bacteria or fungi present to cause illness and the health condition of those exposed. It becomes a problem only when the number of microorganisms is unacceptably high or if you've been diagnosed with an immune disease.

However, these biofilms can cause unpleasant odours or wear down the dishwasher seals. Because of that, it's important to provide some basic maintenance in order to prevent worse issues.

Dishwasher TLC

For those of us who are not big on cleaning, fear not! Here are three simple tricks to keep your dishwasher humming and odour-free:

1. Make it a habit post-wash, grab a clean cloth or paper towel and wipe down those seals. We know it sounds like a boring ordeal, but a little effort here saves a big scrubbing session later.

2. Always peek inside after use. Spot any big food bits? Toss 'em out.

3. Make use of our YOKUU dishwasher tablets. They're packed with billions of friendly bacteria that munch on leftovers and purify the water. Clean dishes, clean machine – it's a win-win!

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